The Importance of Having Full-time Addiction Doctors On-Site

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Most addiction programs have a part-time doctor that comes in a few hours a week and signs off on treatment plans and prescribes medications. At Positive Sobriety Institute, we have not one, but two board-certified addiction physicians on-site.

Daniel Angres, M.D. is a national expert in psychiatry, addiction, and physicians’ health programs who currently serves as the Medical Director of the Positive Sobriety Institute. Dr. Daniel Angres has been a top, nationally recognized, expert in addiction and dual disorders evaluation and treatment medicine with a specialty in working with addicted professionals for 30 years. Dr. Daniel Angres has lectured at major academic medical centers across the USA.

Dr. Anish John, M.D. is the Associate Medical Director for the Positive Sobriety Institute, where he oversees care for patients in the partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient programs. Double board-certified in psychiatry and addiction psychiatry, Dr. John conducts patient evaluations, develops treatment plans based on bio-psycho-social clinical formulations, co-leads a multidisciplinary team and develops new programs to continue to enhance patient care.

Here are some of the important reasons this is an advantage at a treatment facility:

1) Addiction is a disease and must be managed as such, including intensive interaction with a physician with specialty training and certification in addictions.

2) A physician in a leadership role at a treatment facility means daily availability to both staff and patients. This allows the physician to advise on each patient’s treatment plan based on detailed knowledge of each patient’s individual situation.

3) PSI is unique in that it has 2 full-time physicians for a patient population that includes those with substantial co-morbidity and many who are in safety sensitive positions.

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