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Chicago Prescription Drug Abuse Treatment

According to a recent study conducted by USA Today, tens of thousands of doctors, nurses, medical technicians and other healthcare professionals across the nation struggle with abuse or addiction to prescription pain medication, mostly narcotics such as oxycodone and fentanyl.  The study uncovered hundreds of state and federal cases in recent years in which physicians and other healthcare practitioners were disciplined or prosecuted for misconduct related to substance abuse.

The risk of pain medication abuse is just as dangerous to healthcare practitioners as it is for the general population, if not greater due to their access to opiates. This accessibility, in combination with a person who is genetically predisposed to addiction, can create dangerous conditions. Drug addiction is not only a breach of professional ethics, but can affect the reputations of the facilities where healthcare practitioners work.

Slow Descent into Addiction

So, how does a healthcare professional become addicted to the same drugs they are prescribing to their patients? Needless to say, medical careers such as that of nursing require long, intense hours, often with mandatory overtime and shift rotation, which are physically demanding and tough on family life and friendships. Like many individuals who become addicted to pain medication, all it takes is one script to alleviate pain from an injury, surgical procedure, or mental illness. The relief is instant and often very pleasurable and soon enough the individual may ask doctors to write a prescription for them, or forge prescriptions themselves. Some addicted healthcare practitioners have been known to divert drugs by administering a partial dose to a patient and saving the rest of the drug for themselves.

Getting Your Life Back on Track

Early intervention is necessary to treat an addiction to pain medication. As a chronic, progressive, and treatable disease, addiction can be overcome with the right multidisciplinary treatment and the right expert care. Positive Sobriety Institute, one of the best prescription drug rehabs in Chicago, provides the proper balance of addiction rehabilitation including therapy, support group, 12-step program and detox, if necessary, and works intimately with healthcare professionals, salvaging licenses, careers, relationships and futures.

Our Treatment Process

Our approach to treating prescription drug addiction is incredibly comprehensive, addressing the unique needs of each individual patient that enters our care. We first start off by conducting an in-depth psychiatric evaluation, which helps us to determine whether or not a mental health disorder or other condition that requires treatment is present. In some cases, people will suffer from a mental health issue in addition to their addiction to pain medications. When this occurs, the individual is diagnosed as having a co-occurring, or dual disorder. These cases are complex, and require a specialized treatment plan. It is crucial that patients receive the care they need for both their addiction and their mental health disorder in order to maintain long-term sobriety. As Illinois’ top prescription drug rehab, we work to gather the important information on a patient’s history of addiction, substance abused, psychiatric, medical, social, and developmental history, and more. This subsequently provides us with a broad perspective of a recovery patient’s life and personality, and informs us of how best to proceed with treatment.

Also critical to our process is pain pill addiction counseling. Extensive research has shown that counseling is crucial for achieving and maintaining sobriety. For this reason, it is heavily incorporated into our treatment plans at Positive Sobriety Institute’s Illinois rehab center. Through the use of behavioral and cognitive therapies, our staff of psychiatrists, psychologists, family therapists, and addiction counselors can better help individuals overcome their addiction to pain medications. We work to replace those harmful and destructive behaviors with positive thinking and healthy actions that promote a stable and productive life.

Our Programs

One of the biggest challenges in determining where to receive treatment for an addiction to pain pills is finding a treatment center that fits your unique needs and lifestyle. In order to combat this challenge, Positive Sobriety Institute, one of Chicago’s leading prescription drug rehab centers, offers a wide variety of programs, structured to seamlessly integrate into all schedules and availabilities.


For those who wish to receive medically-supervised inpatient detox and care for their addiction to pain medication, our program offers constant medical care and supervision unmatched by other pain medication rehab centers in Chicago. While in our inpatient program, you’ll receive the benefits of monitoring of vital signs, treatment of withdrawal symptoms, counseling, and addiction recovery planning. You can expect to undergo the detox process in a safe and comfortable environment.


For some recovery patients, intensive outpatient treatment is more appropriate given their unique case of prescription drug addiction. Through the use of education, counseling, and support, we help patients learn how to resist and overcome temptation, and remain motivated in staying sober. Those in our intensive outpatient program are assigned a counselor, with whom they work to develop an individualized treatment plan.

Partial Hospitalization

Some patients may find that a partial hospitalization program provides the care they need. The goal of this program to prepare patients with the tools they need to transition to a less intensive outpatient program, and to help them develop relapse prevention skills. In our partial hospitalization program, we use group and individual therapies, life skills training, addiction education, and more, to set recovering individuals on the right track towards a happy and healthy life.

Family Involvement

At our Illinois rehab center, Positive Sobriety Institute, we recognize that patients are most successful in achieving and remaining sobriety when their loved ones are involved in the recovery process. It is for this reason that we’ve developed our Family Program, which consists of lectures and experiential exercises built to help family members gain a better understanding of their loved one’s addiction to pain medication and how they can be a source of support during treatment and beyond.

Dr. Dan Angres and his team at Positive Sobriety Institute are highly-trained to provide comprehensive, multidisciplinary treatment to those suffering from an addiction to pain medication. For decades, we’ve helped individuals addicted to pain pills by offering ongoing support post-treatment as well, encouraging long-term recovery and sobriety. Treatment at Positive Sobriety Institute is multifaceted, prioritizing self-awareness and the cultivation of a program of well-being.

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