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Substance Abuse Treatment in Chicago

Chicago Substance Abuse Treatment

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Restoring Lives, Careers and Dignity

Society’s disapproval for alcohol and drug abuse finds no greater recipient for stigma than an addicted professional including physicians, pharmacists, lawyers, pilots, executives and others. Positive Sobriety Institute, based in Chicago, Illinois, treats these individuals and their specific addictions including any co-occurring issues such as mental health in a culturally-sensitive environment conducive to healing and recovery.

Most clients are referred to Positive Sobriety Institute by employers, peer assistance groups or licensing and regulatory agencies. Through exhibited behaviors, these individuals have raised concerns among their peers and family about their ability to function with the professional judgment and safety sensitivity required by their positions.

Positive Sobriety Institute in Chicago also offers addiction recovery evaluations and assessments to highly motivated, non-professionals struggling with substance use disorder and who fit the milieu.

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Treating Substance Abuse and Addiction as a Brain Disease

Positive Sobriety Institute believes that addiction is a chronic brain disease, affecting the brain’s wiring and neurotransmitters. As such, our experienced team of addiction experts incorporates evidence-based neuroscience approaches into your personalized substance abuse treatment plan. Based on confidential assessments, taking into account family history and work environment, we’ll get to the root cause of your addiction and set you on the right course to sobriety. Positive Sobriety Institute specializes in treating addicted and impaired professionals and others through the following treatment modalities:

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