Continuing Care

After addiction treatment, returning to life outside of the structure of intensive recovery programming can be challenging. From managing stress to putting the skills learned in treatment to use in every day life, former patients have new hurdles to overcome to continue living a drug and alcohol free life.

That’s why the continuing care outpatient program at Positive Sobriety Institute is so important. Led by Continuing Care Medical Director Dr. Ishani Dalal, a board-certified psychiatrist, continuing care offers patients ongoing support to help them avoid the temptation to use. Patients also have the opportunity to further develop the coping, communication and interpersonal skills learned in treatment.

Continuing Care Group Therapy

Patients in the continuing care outpatient program meet weekly for group therapy. Group sessions incorporate a variety of treatment modalities, including 12-step, cognitive behavior therapy and process group therapy, in which patients are encouraged to openly share their struggles and express their thoughts and feelings.

In a warm and welcoming environment, Positive Sobriety Institute alumni seek input from others on managing challenges, and offer advice and encouragement to their peers. Our alumni also meet with patients currently in treatment, offering inspiration and motivation to others.

Dr. Dalal collaborates with the continuing care team of therapists and counselors to monitor patients’ progress and stay alert to emerging issues or signs of relapse.

A Continuum of Psychiatric Care

Many Positive Sobriety Institute patients have a co-occurring mental illness such as depression, anxiety disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, bipolar disorder or post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Patients often abuse alcohol, drug or pain medicine in an attempt to alleviate symptoms of the mental health condition.

To maintain sobriety, patients also need to manage the mental illness, which may require ongoing support from a psychiatrist.

While many addiction treatment centers aren’t equipped to handle psychiatric issues, Positive Sobriety Institute has board-certified psychiatrists available to patients during detox and initial treatment. We also go a step further, offering ongoing psychiatric care as part of aftercare to ensure patients have no lapses in treatment.

Patients may also schedule one-on-one appointments with Dr. Dalal. For convenience, patients can make an appointment with her on the same day that they come in for continuing care group therapy.

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