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Addiction is a chronic disease of the brain so powerful that no one holds the key to immunity. It can reach anyone regardless of socio economic standing, age, or career status. Even high profile CEOs, executives, and other business professionals can function with substance abuse addictions in their field of profession, which can severely compromise an ability to be responsible and make important decisions that affect business and employees.

As a CEO or business executive, employees rely on you to solve problems and make decisions that carry very important consequences. That pressure to perform can be difficult to bear. If you are struggling with addiction to alcohol, drugs or painkillers, your ability to be at your best may be at risk, but executive rehab help is available.

Positive Sobriety Institute offers comprehensive alcohol, drug and pain medication rehab for executives and CEOs who work in high stakes, high status professions. Everyone deserves a life unobstructed by the holds of addiction. We welcome all business executives suffering from addiction to our executive rehab center to recover from substance abuse and return to the career they love.

Addiction Treatment for Executives at PSI

Business leaders and high powered executives are among the most misunderstood professional group we see at PSI. There is no “typical” business mogul or executive. They are simply people with big responsibility, that work too hard and suffer from chronic stress and all that comes with it. Substance abuse is a common coping mechanism for these men and women, and with that, comes depression, anxiety and a multitude of physical and emotional debilitation.

Like all our professional patients they are burdened with high stress and expectations and seldom know how to relax and recharge. Teaching coping skills and stress management is just one example of how we help these individuals develop and lifestyle that is both rewarding and does not come at such as high cost to their health.

Business Professionals We Serve

At PSI, we serve a variety of different business professionals who are dependent on drugs or alcohol including CEOs, Directors, Executives, Business Owners, Managers and more. One common attribute for these professional titles is that they have employees under them that rely on their decision-making and direction to keep a business running smoothly. It is important for those in positions of leadership to be clear-headed in order to make important decisions about the business.

Some business professionals who battle addiction think that they cannot afford to leave a business for a period of time in order to seek treatment out of fear that the business will suffer without them. Although an extended leave of absence on the job is risky, impaired judgement through substance abuse is even riskier. Regardless of the circumstance, it is always important to prioritize your personal physical and mental health before anything.

Careful Consideration of Risk Factors

For executives addicted to drugs, alcohol, or pain medications, the pursuit of addiction recovery can be complicated, because there are unique considerations that need to be addressed. Executive drug rehab is very different from other addicts’ recovery journeys, because typically addicts are encouraged to avoid addiction triggers when they transition from rehab back into regular life.

In rehab, every executive’s career must be carefully evaluated to determine all of the working parts that surround addiction, enable addiction, and contribute to addiction perpetuity. For recovering CEOs and executives, it is important to evaluate the following aspects of a patient’s lifestyle and career when choosing an executive or CEO rehab:

  • Accountability. Substance abuse addiction develops as an attempt to live outside accountability. For clients in high profile positions, there is typically more responsibility, but less accountability from higher up authority. CEOs and executives addicted to drugs and alcohol have mastered the art of smoke and mirrors, covering their habits to sustain addiction. It is important to assess the level of personal accountability in each patient’s life and career. Recovery is possible only with the rigorous honesty of accountability.
  • Access. High profile executives typically have the resources and connections that allow for easier access to drugs or prescription drugs. Once each patient pinpoints the means of substance accessibility, steps can be taken to intentionally cut off these resources.

Luxury Comfort For Professionals

Business executives and CEOs have spent many arduous years studying, training, and working to achieve their career status. They deserve an executive rehab program that is safe, luxurious, and discreet to ensure their recovery is the most comfortable possible. Oftentimes, traditional addiction treatment fails to understand the unique needs of business professionals suffering from addiction and the relationship between career stress and the onset of addiction. Positive Sobriety Institute recognizes the specialized needs of impaired business executives and administers rehab that is compassionate, understanding, and nonjudgmental.

Experience You Can Trust

The clinical team at Positive Sobriety Institute has years of combined experience in facilitation executive drug rehab and executive alcohol rehab that is highly tailored, exclusive, and confidential. Our clinical team is proficient in balancing the needs of the individual, while working with licensing boards and employers. We have a high success rate in enabling professionals to recover from addiction and return to productive careers.

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