Recovery Programs

Addiction Treatment Programs

Recovery Programs

Personalized Addiction Recovery Programs for Professionals in Chicago

Positive Sobriety Institute’s addiction treatment programs are designed to meet the unique needs of professionals in safety-sensitive, high-consequence fields. In our comfortable and welcoming offices near the shores of Lake Michigan in Chicago, we offer a full range of recovery programs and a continuum of care to help individuals heal mentally, physically and spiritually.

Programs are delivered by our high-caliber, multidisciplinary medical and clinical team, which includes board-certified addiction medicine physicians, board-certified addiction psychiatrists, advanced practice nurses and licensed therapists. Our team is committed to using their expertise and experience to help patients recover from addiction, overcome dual disorders and get back to their families, careers and lives.

After an initial focus on identifying any addictive, emotional, psychiatric or behavioral disorders an individual may be suffering from, Positive Sobriety Institute offers an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP), Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP), and Continuing Care.

“If you’re out there struggling in the loneliness and isolation of active addiction, you’re not alone. There’s a wonderful recovery community here at Positive Sobriety Institute in Chicago that connects people with shared experiences. We’ll do everything we can to partner with you to fight this disease. We’re here for you.”

– Michael Geraci, MA, LCPC, Clinical Director, Positive Sobriety Institute, Chicago

Positive Sobriety Institute’s recovery programs include:

Comprehensive Assessment — A correct diagnosis is crucial to developing a treatment plan most appropriate for each individual’s needs. At the outset of treatment, every patient receives a comprehensive screening of all substance use and co-occurring disorders. The assessment includes:

  • Psychological, psychiatric and neuropsychological evaluations
  • Personality and neurocognitive testing
  • Drug use, abuse, and dependence screening
  • Toxicology that can include testing of urine, blood hair, and nails
  • Collateral information
  • Specialty consultation when necessary

By looking at the full picture, the assessment gives individuals a better understanding of themselves and their behavior. The assessment also helps individuals and their families make decisions about the best course of treatment.

Employers and referring entities also rely on our comprehensive evaluation to assess behavioral issues in the workplace. The emphasis is on providing a compassionate, advocacy-based evaluation while determining issues like fitness for duty and need for treatment interventions as needed.

Based on the comprehensive assessment, each patient receives a personalized treatment plan that is tailored to his or her individual needs.

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) — The Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) at Positive Sobriety Institute provides a structured, therapeutic environment in which men and women can work on overcoming the symptoms of substance use and dual disorders, coping with cravings, and learning strategies to support long-term recovery, such as developing a work-life balance.

Positive Sobriety Institute’s IOP includes individual and group therapy led by our board-certified addiction psychiatrists, therapists and other members of the clinical team. During individual therapy, men and women can address issues that contributed to the development of addiction, receive support in handling specific challenges, work on overcoming shame and guilt, and start to change the thought patterns that led to substance use.

In group therapy, men and women benefit from interacting with other professionals in recovery. Group therapy is an opportunity to give and receive support, learn from others’ experiences, and gain a sense of community and shared purpose. Group therapy among professionals helps participants understand that they are not the only physician, lawyer, dentist or nurse struggling with alcohol or drugs. In a safe and nonjudgmental forum, professionals can gain a sense of belonging and enjoy the company of others in sobriety.

Addiction is often called a family disease because there is no member of a family unit not impacted by it. IOP includes family therapy sessions to engage family members in supporting their loved one’s recovery and helping families start to repair and rebuild relationships that were damaged due to the addict’s behavior.

IOP also includes holistic therapies that have shown to be effective in recovery, such as meditation, yoga, exercise, and mindfulness activities. These sessions promote relaxation and can help people in coping with cravings and other stress when they return to their regular lives.

Positive Sobriety Institute offers both day and evening options for IOP patients.

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) — Positive Sobriety Institute’s Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) is an addiction recovery program offering the intensity of acute inpatient care without the overnight stays required of inpatient drug and alcohol rehab programs.

PHP is a focused and intense rehab program that encompasses addiction treatment and rehabilitation support services. Therapies are designed to address the underlying causes of addiction, treat cravings, and help patients implement new ways of dealing with stress, anxiety and life challenges.

As part of our PHP, patients receive psychiatric care and treatment for co-occurring disorders to prevent mental health problems from leading to relapse. In PHP’s structured environment, men and women participate in a full schedule of treatment activities, ensuring that the priority is on healing during this critical stage of recovery.

Continuing Care — Research has shown unequivocally that the longer individuals remain in addiction treatment, the more likely they are to maintain long-term sobriety. Some of the best research on the importance of long-term treatment has come from Physicians’ Health Programs, which provide addiction recovery for physicians at risk of losing their license due to alcohol and drug use. After an initial intensive phase of addiction rehab, Physicians’ Health Programs include several years of ongoing support and monitoring.

Positive Sobriety Institute’s Continuing Care program is a two-year professional support group that is offered to individuals once they have completed their primary addiction rehab program. Our addiction recovery continuing care services, also called aftercare, includes peer support and psychotherapy from our psychiatrists and therapists. Goals for continuing care are helping professionals in recovery remain abstinent from alcohol and drugs, transition back into the workplace, continue the personal growth that occurs when people are free of addiction, and develop strong bonds with a recovery community to provide support in the years to come.

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