Family Program

The Family Program at PSI recognizes that recovery is most effective when family members and loved ones are involved in the process. Addiction is a brain disease that not only devastates the person suffering from it, but the entire family as well. Understanding addiction for family members is a critical part of the recovery process.

Our Family Program provides a powerful experience and opportunity for the loved ones of our existing clients to gain a better understanding of addiction as a disease. Families coping with addiction or living with addiction in the family will go through a process to restore trust and normalcy in their home. The compassionate, non-judgmental atmosphere created to facilitate this service acts as the foundation for the healing and recovery process of each person impacted by addiction.

The Program takes place every month and spans three days beginning with a series of lectures on topics such as the disease process of addiction, impact on families, and relapse prevention. On day two of the three-day program, multi-family groups are formed to participate in experiential exercises intended to promote effective and positive communication. The focus is on how to communicate in a productive way without being hurtful and incorporates a number of experiential modalities to support the process. An experienced therapist conducts the exercises with the goal of opening communication.

Many of our patients tell us that our Family Program was the best part of their treatment. Our clients leave our care to return to their family. The goal of this part of treatment is to make that transition as smooth as possible. The valuable education provided to family members helps them better understand the recovery process. Recommendations are made for each person after the Program is completed, including referrals for those individuals who may need additional support, so that everyone leaves confident and prepared to welcome their loved one home. Family members often discover a renewed respect for the person undergoing treatment as they come to appreciate all of the hard work that goes into the recovery process.

Only the most seasoned and experienced therapists can facilitate an effective Family Program and provide help for families dealing with drug addiction. At Positive Sobriety Institute, we have the depth and breadth of experience necessary to provide the most effective Program and constantly strive to make it accessible to as many family members as possible. For this reason, our Family Program takes place in a condensed, three-day format, unlike many programs that last a week. We recognize that a week is a difficult amount of time for many individuals to commit to considering other work and family obligations and want to ensure that every family member has the opportunity to experience the healing power of this Program.

All family members are encouraged to attend this transformational element of the treatment process.

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