Rehab For Dentists

The programs to identify, evaluate and treat impaired dentist is modeled after the program for physicians. Each state has its own program. These vary considerably from state to state. Some dentist assistance programs focus only on issues directly related to substance use disorder; others have expanded to address a range of issues, including stress, depression, and support to providers. All dentist well-being programs and advocacy efforts operate on the belief that, in the majority of cases, practice impairment comes as the result of an illness that can be treated.

Risk Factors For Addiction

Although the prevalence of substance use disorder for dentists is not higher than the general population, the current climate of opioid abuse and addiction put dentists at a higher risk on a par with with most primary care physicians. The laws regarding prescribed pain medications have helped, but dentists still have access to addictive drugs which makes them vulnerable for substance use disorder.

Nitrous oxide is administered primarily by dentists to their patients by inhalation. It is absorbed by diffusion through the lungs, and eliminated via respiration. The elimination half life of nitrous oxide is approximately 5 minutes, Reports of dentist abusing Nitrous Oxide are not without merit. Because of its short half life, its very difficult to detect after use. Education about nitrous oxide and other risk factors dentists’ face is always good prevention.

Treatment for Dentists at PSI

Our experience in treating dentists is that they relate very well to the stresses that other health professionals endure. Like all our professional programs, PSI works closely with the State Dentist Well-Being Programs to facilitate comprehensive objective evaluation and treatment recommendations and continuing care.

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