Positive Sobriety Institute Yoga Instructor Shares Why Her Mission Is Your Journey

Positive Sobriety Institutes Yoga Instructor Shares Why Her Mission Is Your Journey

My Mission…Your Journey

Utilizing a holistic approach to health and well-being, my mission is to bring yoga to all those that seek movement therapy.  Our work will support you in finding relaxation, building resistance to injury, and enhancing overall performance of mind and body.  This is your journey. The practice of yoga will allow you to remain open and accepting of all you find along the way.

My Journey…About Me

My yoga journey began as a pursuit to alleviate the stress and pressure I felt in my body related to everyday living.  I always knew there must be a better way to nourish my body (and soul) in a way other exercises failed to address. As a result of integrating yoga into my life rituals and practice, I began to quickly experience a felt sense of calmness and peace, which I never dreamed would be possible.

The impact of my routine yoga practice was felt well beyond the day.  Morning awakening found me experiencing a fresh and revitalized energy and clarity of mind.   As someone who struggles with anxiety and depression, which brings so much unfocused energy, yoga was the perfect grounding and expressive art form. In fact, yoga became a method to help me restore vitality and begin to make important emotional and relational connections.  As I began to feel better, I began to experience a healthier internal narrative and decision-making overall.

My Values

I believe that yoga is a revealing practice of the mind and body. Yoga provides an enjoyable and a safe space to be open and experience ourselves in the physical and internal world. The practice is inviting for all who seek and for whatever reason.  There is no judgment.  Only acceptance. Yoga is an evidence-based practice that has celebrated global adoption as an integrated form of treatment in both healthcare and counseling.

My Method

I began teaching in January 2010 and have remained dedicated to my craft.  It is my philosophy and mission to share with others so they can form their own unique experiences, while also enjoying the experience in connection with another.  My unique method has afforded me the opportunity to offer a creative blend of challenge, focus and fun.  After class, students feel great in their bodies and often express a deeper connection to their self-care.

My Training and Preparation for this Day

Mentors I’ve followed, practiced with and have drawn inspiration from include, but are not limited to: Nadine Lollino; Tiffany Cruikshank; Tias Little; and Timothy Suh of Alternative Health Group, LLC. In 2018, I completed an intensive Trauma-Informed Yoga Teacher Training and I’m currently in process of completing teacher training with Tiffany Cruikshank of Yoga Medicine®. It is my intention to cast the net of yoga broad and wide in order to reach all who may benefit from the scope of yoga.

My Gratitude

I’d love for you to join me in my own, yours, and our journey.

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Amanda Brizic

Amanda Brizic

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