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To Anyone Considering Treatment for Addiction:

I am writing this testimonial as an endorsement for the Positive Sobriety Institute (PSI) in Chicago, Illinois. One of the most monumental decisions a person can make in their life is the decision to enter into treatment for addiction. It is a turning point when a person says “enough is enough,” I want to find to a better way to live. Often, this happens at a low point in one’s life, and the decision is accompanied by desperation, loneliness, shame, and guilt. After this realization, I believe that a person has a critical decision to make, and that is to decide where to enter into a rehabilitation treatment facility. A positive experience in treatment can truly propel a person into a new life of sobriety and recovery, whereas a negative experience can deter a person back to the dark world of addiction via resentment and anger. I have experienced two treatment centers on my road to recovery, and I found that the vastly different experiences of the two facilities had a deep impact on my recovery.

The most important distinction of facilities is whether the program is punitive or supportive. The first treatment center I went to was indeed punitive. I felt as if I was a deficient person and somehow inferior to the rest of the population. I felt isolated and was riddled with guilt and shame. Though this regiment may work for some, I found it off-putting. It left me with a bad taste in my mouth, and I was resentful to the fact that I was an addict. I relapsed about 15 months after treatment, and it was at this point that I decided to go to PSI.

I cannot stress enough how important this decision was. PSI was a facility that was in no way punitive. Rather than make me feel ashamed of my addiction, PSI enabled me to grasp the meaning of my addiction. PSI enlightens an addict to the mental process and repercussions of said addiction without making an addict feel inferior. It draws on the humanity of addiction to show the ways in which a person can live with addiction and in spite of addiction. PSI taught me how to cope with the adversities that confront me, as well as, how to recognize my own character traits that define me. I learned how to live without relying on chemicals for a peace of mind, and I learned how to find solace organically within myself. I thank PSI for giving me a life back that I can be proud of.

As a final endorsement for PSI, I will say my experience there was well received. The staff, doctors, and therapists are fair and sensitive. The price is fair. The program treats its patients like professionals and will grant a fair amount of autonomy as long as the patients prove to be responsible and committed to a program of recovery. I have nothing but positive things to say about PSI. I realize there are many programs out there for addiction, but PSI seems to be on a more progressive level of treatment that I believe can become an example for other treatment programs in the future. I thank PSI for what they have given me, and I would recommend the treatment facility to anyone seeking a positive rehabilitation experience.

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