Positive Sobriety Institute Celebrates One Year Anniversary

dr. daniel angres and dr. mark gold

Positive Sobriety Institute takes great pride in the expert-delivered addiction assessment, treatment, rehabilitation, and recovery services we provide to impaired professionals in need. The opportunity to partner with RiverMend Health, an organization that’s founded on the same principles of evidence-based, scientifically driven addiction medicine and inspired by the same passionate commitment to revolutionizing the addiction treatment paradigm, represents much more than a business partnership to us; it’s a special opportunity to share in a vision that will be setting new standards of excellence for addiction treatment for years to come. Contemplating the past year’s journey, Positive Sobriety Institute Medical Director, Dr. Daniel H. Angres, states, “Anniversaries are a time of reflection and as I reflect on what we have accomplished at the one year point at PSI, a number of thoughts and feelings emerge. First and foremost, I am grateful that we have been able to build a very strong clinical and administrative team, which is the foundation of any effective program. Our clinical team is one of the best I have ever worked with. In addition, we have been able to gain the confidence of many referral sources, which has allowed us to build a strong census and therapeutic community. Our academic relationship has been very cohesive and our training and research initiatives are growing. The support from Dr. Gold and RiverMend Health has been essential in our successes for this first year. We look forward to continued growth and increasing our ability to help those in need.”

It’s rare to see the type of synergy that exists between the core mission, vision, and values of the Positive Sobriety Institute and RiverMend Health organizations—one that views the need to combat the addiction epidemic we’re facing as a nation through new types of treatment facilities and innovative recovery models as a critically important social cause rather than simply an extension of healthcare best practices. “Positive Sobriety Institute has the kind of Esprit De Corp, and 24-7 caring attitude that you’d expect to see at Yale or Harvard based on the tradition of service and top clinical providers. In addition, PSI has Daniel Angres MD, one of the most experienced physicians in the United States in evaluating and treating drug and alcohol users and addicts. Unlike many experts in addiction, Dr. Angres is a Board Certified Psychiatrist who is also an expert in self-medication, dual disorders, and comorbidity. His expertise is part of the PSI program, culture, and consciousness. It is hard to find a more accomplished group working together to provide a state of the art, multi-disciplinary clinical assessment and problems to be solved list. The PSI spirit and group is great, the facility amazing, the access to Northwestern University experts seamless. That all of this has been done in one year is a testimony to Dan Angres MD and his ability to build a team and program. It’s also remarkable that the program is full and has 20 MDs in addition treatment—as well as lawyers, business people, industry and sports figures,” said Dr. Mark Gold, Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Boards for RiverMend Health.

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