Medical Specialists Provide A New Model of Comprehensive Addiction Treatment at Positive Sobriety Institute
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A New Model of Comprehensive Addiction Treatment

CHICAGO, Nov. 29, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — By bringing together psychiatrists who specialize in addiction, an internal medicine physician and a multidisciplinary team of clinicians and counselors, Positive Sobriety Institute is leading the way in offering a new model of comprehensive addiction treatment.

By providing a full continuum of care, from an initial evaluation by board-certified specialists to ongoing psychiatric care after treatment has ended, Positive Sobriety Institute offers patients with addiction and mental health issues a level of neuroscience-driven care that’s seldom found in addiction treatment programs.

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“Many patients with substance use disorders have co-occurring mental health conditions, such as depression, anxiety, bipolar or post-traumatic stress disorder. At the same time, patients struggling with addiction and mental health disorders often neglect other aspects of their health – from blood pressure to diabetes,” said Daniel Angres, MD, Positive Sobriety Institute Founder and Medical Director. “To offer patients the best chance of long-term recovery, you have to treat the whole person – the substance use disorder, but also the mental health or physical conditions that compromise well-being.”

Located in the heart of Chicago on the shore of Lake Michigan, Positive Sobriety Institute specializes in addiction assessment and rehabilitation for physicians, nurses, pilots, attorneys and other professionals in high-stress, high-accountability roles who are suffering from alcohol, drug and pain medication addiction and dual disorders.

At the outset of treatment, patients at Positive Sobriety Institute often undergo the Multidisciplinary Comprehensive Assessment Program (M-CAP), which assesses their addiction, mental health and overall physical health to determine fitness for duty. The assessment includes an evaluation by a psychiatrist, a psychiatric nurse practitioner and an internal medicine physician. Patients in need of additional specialty care from neurologists, cardiologists and others see physicians at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, where Dr. Angres is an adjunct associate professor of psychiatry.

“Substance abuse is a chronic relapsing condition. Often it is a physical trigger such as pain or insomnia that contributes to the start of the addiction, and can be a trigger for relapse,” said Frances Langdon, MD, an internal medicine physician at Positive Sobriety Institute who is board certified in addiction medicine. “By identifying and addressing those physical issues, we can get patients on a better path.”

Another reason for the focus on comprehensive care is that most professionals receive intensive addiction treatment for a limited time, after which they return to their families and careers. However, managing addiction and mental health issues typically requires long-term care and vigilance.

To provide that support and avoid lapses in psychiatric care, Positive Sobriety Institute also has a board-certified psychiatrist on staff who manages a continuing care program and sees patients one-on-one for as long as needed. “We want to make sure that from the moment patients begin treatment at Positive Sobriety Institute and for as long as they need support afterward, our patients can rely on us as a trusted source of psychiatric care to promote lifelong recovery,” Angres said.

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Positive Sobriety Institute’s medically-driven treatment programs are uniquely designed to help highly motivated professionals struggling with addiction rebuild their lives and careers. Located in the heart of downtown Chicago and aligned with Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine, Positive Sobriety Institute’s multidisciplinary team of board-certified physicians and licensed clinicians provide a complete continuum of recovery care, including detoxification, partial hospitalization, independent living and outpatient services. For more information, call (312) 312-9000 or email or visit

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